Welcome to my blog! This is my contribution to the blogosphere and my attempt to provide a roadmap through the maze of misinformation, intolerance, and ignorance that is pervasive throughout our culture. I have been passionate about people for as long as I can remember. Coupled with my passion for science, I felt public health would be an appropriate vehicle by which I could help address the issues of our time. Therefore, I pursued and completed a Master of Public Health (MPH) and a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) in epidemiology – the study of disease at the population level. 

Through my posts, I will share what I have learned as an epidemiologist – the ills and injustices in our society often times manifest as disparities in health.  When these differences in health status continue to grow, they become the canaries in the coal mine of the American experience – evidence that the environment has become unstable, and often times deadly, for marginalized and underserved communities. I hope to highlight these issues and how politics plays an integral role in the health of the public.

As an epidemiologist, I value data.  Hence, I will provide you with some of my own.  I am an unmarried, African-American man who grew up in the Deep South. I provide my insights from the home of MLK, Outkast, and the Braves.  I am an avid athlete and am becoming a bit of an adventure junkie.

–the waterwheel


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