“Yes We Could Have”

August 5, 2011

With “Yes We Can,” our confidence we bestowed,

Progress, we know, is best served á la mode,

But it is quite hard to figure,

When you’re secretly called “nigger,”

Why you choose to kick the “Can” down the road

Cartoon by Mike Luckovich at Atlanta Journal Constitution


3 Responses to ““Yes We Could Have””

  1. bird said

    I’m trying to hold back my rage and respond to this respectfully. President Obama got a lot – no, a HELL of a lot done, before the Tea Party took over Congress. Since then, he’s been limited to just fighting the Right with veto authority. He didn’t let progressives down, we let HIM down last November.

    • I appreciate your comment, and your support of our President. I still like and support the President too. I think he has done some things are very good. However, he has consistently fallen short on most liberal agendas. There is a fine line between compromise and acquiescence. I feel our President has stepped well beyond that line. We cannot allow ourselves to be blinded by his “wins” and ignore his “loses.” The Tea Party is only a fraction of a Republican Party that is only one-third of the equation. Democrats still have control of the Senate and Presidency. Therefore, the Tea Party did not “take over Congress.” I understand that he has to fight with them at every turn, but that is what I want him to do – FIGHT.
      Rage is good. Rage is needed.  But don’t be outraged by me or other progressives who are critical of the President. We simply wish hold him accountable to the progressive agenda upon which he was elected. Direct that outrage at those who wish to undermine his presidency and preserve the status quo. If he feels no pressure from us, then we too have abandoned those progressive principles.

  2. CJ Jones said

    I voted for President Obama, and while I feel he has accomplished a lot, I think he’s also given away too much of his power too often.

    He has compromised on certain campaign promises he made when compromise was unnecessary. You can’t always be bipartisan when the second part(isan) isn’t behaving or thinking rationally.

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